Digitized Standards for Chinese Materia Medica GUI of the Digitized Chinese Materia Medica Standard(1/19) Full-text Search and Index Search(2/19) Monograph Outline View(3/19) Browsing atlas of original plants(4/19) Browsing atlas of characteristics of crude drugs and prepared slices(5/19) Browsing atlas of microscopic identification(6/19) Browsing HPLC chromatogram of quantitative determination result(7/19) Browsing mode of crude drug TLC identification atlas(8/19) Browsing mode of chemical reference substance structural formula(9/19) Multiple Language Software GUI(10/19) Pharmacopoeia Archives Comparison(11/19) Comparison of Ch.P Chinese and English versions(12/19) Software user setting(13/19) Advanced search interface of Digitized Chinese Materia Medica Standard(14/19) Search by picture of crude drug and prepared slice of monograph adopted in ChP(15/19) Search by reference standard structural formula of monograph adopted in ChP(16/19) Statistics of monographs adopted in foreign pharmacopoeias(17/19) Search by HPLC chromatogram of monograph adopted in ChP(18/19) Appendix of Chinese Pharmacopoeia(19/19)
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Features Introduction

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Digital Monograph Reader

Digital Monograph Reader

As a dedicated data service platform developed for national drug standards, this Digitized Standards for Chinese Materia Medica software consists of four subsystems, namely, digital monograph reader, digital supplementary browser, drug standard harmonization system and national drug standard database. The overall graphical user interface (GUI) features elegant appearances and user-friendliness, and supports numerous functions such as reading, inquiry, comparison and localized language for professional users. Read more»

Relying on the national drug standard digital engine with independent intellectual property rights, the monograph reader window provides a comprehensive range of functions covering browsing, comparison, marking, retrieval, localization and professional illustrations. To stay highly consistent with the printed edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia in terms of contents and type setting, as well as its elegant appearance, the drug standard digital engine provides users with better interactive reading experience and a technical support platform for professional users to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding and use of national drug standards.

The GUI of the software generally consists of 7 sections, namely, the title bar, tab bar, tool bar, bookmarks, full-text search bar, function panel and main window.

To improve the user experience, this Digitized Standards for Chinese Materia Medica features an optimized design for touchscreen and tablet PC, including:

  • Supports touch control and gestures;
  • Support for ultrahigh resolution retina screens;
  • Operational process with animation effects, for example, page turning, zoom-in, zoom-out, drag, text-image switch, etc.;
  • For different screen orientations, software provides scroll bar-free page display mode that is self-adaptive to the screen size in order to ensure a fluid reading experience.
Digital Supplementary Browser

Digital Supplementary Browser

The Digitized Standards for Chinese Materia Medica contains an abundance of digital illustrations and supplementary materials such as pictures of original plants, characteristic photos, powder and tissue photomicrographs, TLC and HPLC chromatograms, and chemical reference substance structural formulas. The availability of such professional supplementary information will help users have a better understanding and use of this pharmacopoeia.  Read more»

  • Browsing atlas of original plants
    Pictures of original plants with the family name and Latin name.
  • Browsing atlas of characteristics of crude drugs and prepared slices
    The scale is for the picture of the crude drug characteristics and the prepared slices. The crude drug name, Latin name and the Latin name of the original plant are provided in the text description section.
  • Browsing atlas of microscopic identification of powder and tissue section of crude drugs
    The text describes the microscopic features and marks the number of the corresponding feature on the picture..
  • Browsing HPLC chromatogram of quantitative determination result
    HPLC quantitative determination chromatogram marks the chromatographic peak integral of one or several marker compounds, as well as the name of each quantitative component.
  • Browsing mode of crude drug TLC identification atlas
    Development temperature, humidity, origin, solvent front and sample track number are indicated in the TLC chromatogram, and the documentation mode, sample source and remarks are provided in the description section.
  • Browsing mode of chemical reference substance structural formula
    The text of the chemical standard substance structural formula provides the structural formula, molecular weight (corrected based on isotopic abundance), and Chemical Abstracts Service number.
Drug Standard Harmonization

Drug Standard Harmonization

In order to increase the harmonization and cooperation of drug standards and the standardization of terminology of traditional Chinese and natural medicine between countries, and to help global readers of the pharmacopoeia have a more comprehensive acquisition, understand and grasp pharmacopoeia dynamics, this Digitized Standards for Chinese Materia Medica provides a series of useful analytical and auxiliary tools.  Read more»

  • Multiple Language Interface
    The GUI of the Digitized Standards for Chinese Materia Medica supports 6 languages, namely, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, German, French and Japanese, and supports dynamic switches during use.
  • Comparison of the Pharmacopoeia Archives
    By enabling the "Display revision" function on the tool bar, the user can view the revisions of the selected monograph made to the supplements I, II, III of Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2010 edition and Chinese Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition in the monograph reader window. This helps readers have an in-depth understanding and grasp of the standard revision and evolution process of the monograph. Additions are displayed in green underlined font, while obsolete items are displayed in red strikeout font.
  • Comparison of Chinese and English Versions
    By enabling the bilingual display function on the tool bar, the monograph reader window will display the Chinese and English versions of the currently selected monograph in alignment. Under the bilingual display mode, the content of the monograph in its Chinese and English versions will be displayed item by item for readers to compare.
  • Text Displayed In Traditional Chinese
    By enabling the "Display text in traditional Chinese" function in the "User Setting" interface, the text of the drug standards, including the search results, will be displayed in traditional Chinese, facilitating readers using traditional Chinese to read the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.
  • Monographs Adopted In Foreign Pharmacopoeias
    This Digitized Standards for Chinese Materia Medica provides a statistical comparison of traditional Chinese medicine monographs or natural drug species with the same source and medical parts adopted in foreign pharmacopoeias. This helps the readers of Chinese Pharmacopoeia to have a systematic understanding of records of traditional Chinese medicine monographs in domestic and foreign drug standards, as well as the current quality control level.
  • Online Comment
    As the digital edition of drug standards, this software features an online comment function for readers. The user can either post their comments on a specific monograph or give a score and express their opinion on the content posted by others.
National Drug Standard Database

National Drug Standard Database

The national drug standard advanced search function is a one-stop query platform developed for readers to use and research the standards adopted in the pharmacopoeia on the basis of national drug standard database engine. As the core part of Digitized Standards for Chinese Materia Medica, the national drug standard database can perform various tasks covering retrieval, statistics and comparison, and has over 50 keyword categories. The database supports the retrieval of various specialized contents, including the text, illustrations, characteristic photos, chemical reference substance, testing methodology, pharmacopoeia revision and monographs adopted in foreign pharmacopoeias, so as to fully satisfy special needs of different users.  Read more»

The advanced search interface of the Digitized Standards for Chinese Materia Medica features an elegant design and powerful functions. The interface consists of three parts, the search option panel, the result output window, and the result statistics and navigation panel. When the user accesses the advanced search interface for the first time, the system uses the default statistics of the monographs adopted in the current national drug standard database (Table 4), as well as the current database version and update date.