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Features Introduction
 Interface for Standard Comparison of Pharmaceutical Excipients in Pharmacopoeias

Standard Comparison System of Pharmaceutical Excipients in Pharmacopoeias

Standard Comparison of Pharmaceutical Excipients in Pharmacopoeias (Digital Edition) is an comprehensive professional information service platform developed for Chinese national drug standards. It is composed with four sub-systems including digital drug monograph browser system, drug standard comparison system, drug standard retrieval system and national drug standards structural database. The software overall graphical user interface design is elegant, richly functional, easy to operate. It provides various digital drug standards services such as monograph browsing, standard comparison, keyword querying for home and aboard pharmaceutical industry users.

Relying on the national drug standard digital engine with independent intellectual property rights, the monograph reader provides a comprehensive range of functions covering browsing, bilingual comparison, intelligent monograph comparison of multiple Pharmacopoeias, retrieval, localization and various illustrations and data display. To stay highly consistent with the printed edition of Chinese Pharmacopoeia in terms of contents and type setting, as well as its elegant appearance, the drug standard digital engine provides users with better interactive reading experience and a technical support platform for professional users to have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding and use of national drug standards.


The major function of the drug standard comparison system including but not limited to:

  • Smart comparison of the drug standards
  • Abstractive comparison of the drug standards
  • Switching between Chinese and English version of each Pharmacopoeia
  • Comparison of customized Pharmacopeia editions
  • Comparison of customized monographs
  • Statistics of pharmaceutical excipients standards, ect.
Example of database searching

Database Retrieval

Software provides advanced searching services for adopted monographs, as well as intelligent completeness of keyword input.

  • Searching scope
    All adopted Pharmacopoeias such as ChP 2010, ChP 2015, USP 38th, EP 8.5th and JP 16th..
  • Searching category
    Options including monograph Chinese name, English name and CAS number etc.
  • Keywords
    Keyword intelligent completeness function provides automatic hint during your keyword input.
  • Result display
    The search results will be shown in a list which contains key information. Click a search result item link and corresponding monograph will be displayed.
Software automatic online update

Introduction of graphical user interface

The graphical user interface of the software consists of eight elements, including monograph viewer, index pane, searching pane, pharmaceutical excipients toolbar, advanced searching toolbar, user setting toolbar, bookmark toolbar et al.

Throught the user setting toolbar, user-defined setting is available for both software and data rendering.  Details»

  • User interface language specification
    Currently, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English are available for the graphical user interface.
  • Monograph index methods
    Three monograph index methods are provided for the monograph tree view in index pane.

  • Index display level
    The monograph tree is composed with three levels, user can specify the index display method by 'item node setting' button.
  • Introduction and copyright
    A brief introduction to the software, the preface and the copyright declaration can be found by clicking about the software on the toolbar.
  • Software online update
    By clicking on the online update button, users can update the software and its database for free as soon as a new version is released. During the download of the new version, information about the new version and its update history will be displayed.
  • Custom bookmark
    Browsed monograph can be bookmarked, provides easy accessibility.
  • Introduction video
    To facilitate better understanding of the software, a video demonstrating operation of the software (both in Chinese and English) is attached to your software USB installar.